MetaCAPTCHA not only eliminates spam, it slows down spammer's computers in order to prevent them from flooding your websites and forums. At the end of the day, you will have less spam in the storage while the spammers can't spam others as well.


Our service allows you choose the challenges the users and their computer will have to solve if they are spammers. If regular reCAPTCHA is too annoying for your users, you can try our invisible CAPTCHAs that only affect the user's computers.

Benefits community

We fight spammers by asking them to do work for us. We use the collected computing power from spammers to benefit demanding projects such as DNA searching, protein folding, and image recognition. Our goal is to turn spammers into useful members of society!


Setup MetaCAPTCHA in general

Register an account for free if your websites is among one of our supported applications. Download the appropriate plugins for your applications then put the registered API keys into the plugin.


Next, you need to embed MetaCAPTCHA library so that it can get the form data that the user submit (before it gets to your database).


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